Fire Safety of Photovoltaic Systems – Italian CEI Webinar

Jul 11, 2023

On the 11th July 2023, our own FRISSBE senior researcher Dr Andrea Lucherini have given a presentation during the online webinar entitled “Fire risk in photovoltaic systems. The TS 82-89 and photovoltaic roofs” organized by CEI (Comitato Electrotecnico Italiano).

The webinar attracted about 600 scientists, researchers, and experts and focused on the presentation of the new Technical Specification CEI TS 82-89:2023, which analyses the fire behavior of photovoltaic modules installed on building roofs. Starting from the technical legislation associated with Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011 "construction products" and from CLC TR 50670:2016, specific test protocols and classification criteria have been developed. In the tests, the sample consists of the joint set of a typologically representative portion of the building roof on which a portion of the photovoltaic module of interest is installed.

In his presentation (in Italian) entitled “The European project FRISSBE in Slovenia and research focused on fire safety of photovoltaic systems”, Dr Andrea Lucherini presented the European-funded FRISSBE project and discussed some of the ongoing research on the fire safety of photovoltaic systems.

The final program and more information about the webinar can be found here, as well as the webinar recording.