Grunde Jomaas Discusses Solar Panel Fire Risks in N1 Interview

Jul 2, 2024

The growth in the number of new solar power plants has been rapid over the past two years. Their total capacity in Slovenia has more than doubled during this period. In a recent interview with N1 news Channel, Prof Grunde Jomaas, Head of FRISSBE project, addressed the increasing fire risks associated with the widespread installation of solar panels. Prof Jomaas highlighted the importance of acknowledging and mitigating these risks to ensure the safe implementation of solar energy solutions.

Prof Jomaas emphasized that the risk of fires involving solar panels is real and must be managed proactively. He pointed out that with the rapid expansion of solar installations, it is crucial to address potential fire hazards to prevent future incidents. Among other things, he explains that it is not necessarily the case that a fire that engulfs a solar power plant starts on it. Namely, in such case, the solar power plant facilitates the further spread of the fire. 

Prof Grunde Jomaas noted that the FRISSBE team, under his leadership, is actively working on research and guidelines to improve fire safety in buildings with solar installations. The full interview and detailed insights from Prof Grunde Jomaas can be found on the N1 website.