The FRISSBE Team and their Strategy for 2022-2026

Towards a fire-safe sustainable built environment

The FRISSBE team consists of competent and highly skilled researchers with extensive knowledge and experience in fire safety science and materials engineering. The team is led by the ERA Chair Holder, Grunde Jomaas, who is a world-leading fire scientist with more than twenty years of research experience. The team gathers unique researchers in the region and it aspires to be recognised worldwide for research excellence in the fire-safe sustainable built environment. We strive to make our research of the highest international standard and pledge that our communication with users and stakeholders will be transparent and comprehensible.

FRISSBE, as part of ZAG (Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute) and with InnoRenew CoE as a close collaborator, has access to state-of-the-art technology and research infrastructure and is actively involved in research projects, interdisciplinary collaboration with other research institutes and private partners, research dissemination, innovation, and knowledge-based services (consultancy).


We recognise the challenges in achieving a sustainable built environment, where many new construction materials, systems and technologies are being incorporated to reach the sustainability goals set out at various socio-political levels. These ambitious goals bring new fire hazards and risks that are essential to address for sustainability to be truly accomplished. Thus, we aim at tackling the emerging challenges to ensure future sustainable and fire-safe built environments that contribute to local, regional and global sustainability goals.


Our mission is to use our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for research that increases the understanding of the fire behaviour of construction materials and systems. This high-quality research – carried out at various scales – enables a fire-safe sustainable built environment. We investigate the fire behaviour of timber, biobased materials and engineered wood products, modern and innovative energy solutions, and other sustainable construction products that emerge because of the constant development in the built environment. Our research strengthens the educational programmes at the University of Primorska, and it is also used to provide safety recommendations for industry and to educate professionals through workshops and customized courses.


Our vision is to be a global center for fire research related to the development of a built environment that is both fire-safe and sustainable. We will achieve this through an interdisciplinary approach that considers all relevant aspects in a holistic evaluation of the full life-cycle contributions of fires in the built environment. Through dissemination of our findings, we want to improve the competence of professionals and the quality of educational programmes. Finally, the outcomes of our research will ensure that sustainability calculations are not optimized without considering the contributions from fire, all while making sure the built environment remains resilient and provides safety for its users.

Here you can also download a copy of the FRISSBE Strategy 2022-2026: Towards a fire-safe sustainable built environment.



For expanded info about the ongoing activities please visit Research Activities.


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