The FRISSBE work plan consists of 7 work packages. The work flows through these packages in an orderly and measurable way designed to reduce risk and increase efficiency.

WP 1 (Appointment of the ERA Chair team and support staff) is the fundamental WP and comprises all necessary activities to establish the ERA Chair, including the selection of the ERA Chair holder, their team and support staff. In this WP, particular care shall be given to establishing a bilingual environment at the beginning of the project for seamless communication between the ERA Chair staff (including the ERA Chair holder), the rest of ZAG, and the FRISSBE interactive ecosystem. WP 1 addresses project objective Obj 1.

WP 2 (Capacity building) and WP 3 (Plan development and testing the concept) reach inwards towards the core ZAG from the FRISSBE ERA Chair. The principle employed is PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). WP 2 is the core WP – it is dedicated to capacity building (Plan-Do), particularly implementing the excellence component of the structural change. WP 3 complements WP 2 by testing and adjusting the activities (Check-Act) in WP 2 in the operational research, administrative, and grant writing environment. In WP 3 the concept will be tested, and the effectiveness of ERA Chair internal measures will be measured. This implementation supports an iterative approach that will ensure an optimal solution is found. WP 2 addresses project objectives Obj 2 and Obj 3 and WP 3 addresses Obj 4, Obj 5.

WP 4 (Sustaining ERA Chair) extends beyond the timeframe of the project. It is dedicated to sustaining the FRISSBE ERA Chair long after the project will end. In that respect it is essential for the long term strategy of ZAG. The impact of WP 4 is focused on supporting and sustaining change at ZAG beyond the project lifetime. WP 4 also creates a loop back to WP 2 and WP 3, but only beyond the project timeframe. WP 4 addresses project objective Obj 6, Obj 7 and Obj 8.

WP 5 (Dissemination and maximizing of impact) reaches out to different stakeholders through the deployment of the research and related processes in practice and through the dissemination of the project results. WP 5 will have an impact beyond the beneficiary, for example, an impact on the research process in similar institutions and industries as well as knowledge transfer to industry and better cooperation with different stakeholders. WP 5 addresses project objective Obj 9.

WP 6 (Management) deals with the management of the FRISSBE project, including all necessary coordination activities of the ERA Chair, the rest of ZAG, and the EC. WP 6 addresses project objective Obj 10.

WP 7 (Ethics requirements) deals with ethics requirements addressing human subjects, protection of personal data, and the environment. WP 7 addresses project objective Obj 11.