FRISSBE research areas have a wide span as can be seen in the graphics. Impact on the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations was also recognized for each area of research.

Internal research projects

Internal research projectsare defined on a yearly basis by the ERA Chair holder and their team in agreement with ZAG's researchers and need to include FRISSBE in collaboration with other ZAG departments. Internal projects are funded by ZAG which has committed to supply additional funding of €120,000 per year from stable funding, €60,000 from the P2-0273 Programme Group (PS) and €60,000 from the I0-0032 Infrastructure Programme (IP).


To be announced.


Fire resistance of composite timber girders made of waste wood-particle boards (POKLeN), Coordinator: Meta Kržan

Development of experimental methodology using radiant panels for hybrid fire testing of novel sustainable construction materials and systems (FIRERAD), Coordinator: Andrea Lucherini

Fire optimisation of Rechargeable Alkaline Battery technologies (FireRAB), Coordinator: Ulises Rojas-Alva

Combustibility of novel low vibration BALlast Track and prevention of fire ignition (COBALT), Coordinator: Stanislav Lenart

Optimise preparation methods of alkali-activated foams for insulation and fire resistance (fireAAF), Coordinator: Barbara Horvat