Daniela's internship remiscences

Apr 28, 2023

An essential part of #wideningparticipation and #teambuilding is to connect with people from beyond our own postal code and country. 3 months after Daniela Šejnová Pitelková finished her internship at FRISSBE we are still in touch, writing project proposals and working on papers together.

In the FRISSBE team, we really value that students are doing internships with us (and joining us at our lunch table!). We recently received a message from Daniela with reflections on her #internship and she has agreed that we share the very flattering text.


"Before this internship, I had never been for a longer time as intern in a different research group than I am at ČVUT UCEEB in Prague. Thanks to the FRISSBE/ZAG Slovenija workshop in June 2022, I met interesting people in the new fully equipped fire laboratory in Logatec, Slovenia, which impressed me so much that I started finding ways to be part of it. Thanks to Andrea Lucherini and the Erasmus Mundus Association+ program, this internship became a reality. Before traveling to Slovenia, I was a bit scared. But after I arrived felt welcomed. Everybody at FRISSBE and ZAG were super friendly and open for everyday chats and professional consultations. I was accepted as a full member of the team. Together we prepared experiments, discussed in project meetings, worked on a conference paper, studied tips for writing papers, and educated each other in a regular way. I saw experiments at various scales that were described in detail. Andrea Lucherini was an amazing mentor. He and the rest of the team were always positive and took care of the working and personal conditions. I miss the vibe, the team members, and the lunches together. In December 2022, I finished my internship at FRISSBE ZAG."

Thanks, Daniela and we really hope to see you again soon!

(Disclaimer: The tree in the pic is not the tree that burned for the purpose of the UMD Fire Protection Engineering's Annual Christmas Tree Fire Safety Demonstration!)