First Fire Internship Program of Knauf Insulation for 4 FRISSBE students

Jul 13, 2023

This summer in Knauf Insulation we are on Fire,” Amaya Osacar, Fire Safety Manager at Knauf Insulation, wrote on LinkedIn. For the first time at Knauf Insulation they are offering a fire safety summer internship within which they sponsor 4 students.

We are extremely happy and glad that these four students are hosted by our FRISSBE team. Farith Hinojosa CocaMaria Binte Mannan, Matheus Pontes Lima and Ashwant Singh (all from the International Masters of Science in Fire Safety Engineering, IMFSE) will get a chance to collaborate very closely with industry. Together with experts from Knauf Insulation they will navigate through this year’s topic: Fire Barriers for Ventilated Facades.

We wish them all a great and fruitful journey!