International visitors from projects ACES and GEORIS

May 12, 2023

The Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute is actively involved in the European project ACES and GEORIS project (EIT RawMaterials). Recent meetings of both were held at the institute’s headquarters and at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

On Friday 12, 2023, they visited the Fire laboratory in Logatec and got acquainted with our team and our project.

Visitors were firstly greeted by Heads of both departments at Logatec, Friderik Knez and Prof. Grunde Jomaas. The introduction was followed by a presentation by Dr Andrea Lucherini, who gave a brief presentation of the laboratory with emphasis on the FRISSBE project and its activities. Later he also joined both groups and engaged in interesting discussions with different individuals, which emerged especially during the coffee break with snacks.

The ACES project aims to improve the assessment of the safety performance of critical concrete infrastructure by eliminating scientific and technological gaps for the safe and long-term operation of nuclear power plants. The GEORIS project deals with innovative technology for the processing of mineral waste at the area of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Besides the Fire laboratory, the partners from the ACES project also had the opportunity to see some other ZAG’s laboratories, such as the Laboratory for Metals, Corrosion and Anti-Corrosion Protection and the Laboratory for Structures, both in Ljubljana.

The whole day was quite busy. We are glad that we have managed to properly greet our visitors and to have a successful Advisory Boardy meeting as well.