International workshop with focus on Thin Skin Calorimeters

Sep 28, 2022

From Monday 26th till Wednesday 28th of September, the FRISSBE team held the International workshop with focus on Thin Skin Calorimeters on the premises of the New fire laboratory.

With joint strengths with the colleagues from the Fire laboratory and Fire engineering team, we hosted a group of fire safety researchers from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Norway.

Our end goal was predominantly concentrated on learning about and producing a set of Thin Skin Calorimeters based on the currently published state-of-the-art and also validating their ability to measure heat flux in a test setup designed by Dheeraj Dilip Karyaparambil, PhD student from HVL. Aside from that, there was also time scheduled to share research ideas and discuss the projects that are currently underway in our groups.

We were also joined and presented to by a group of researchers from the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings from Czech Technical University in Prague. All of that allowed us to network and socialise with other researchers in the fire safety community and beyond.

For each day we planned a diverse schedule consisting of various presentations, diverse discussions and also some hands-on lab work. The workshop's agenda is accessible here.