The FRISSBE ERA Chair holder has been selected!

Sep 6, 2021

The initial goal of the FRISSBE project was to attract an established and renowned researchers in the field of fire-safe sustainable built environment, the ERA Chair holder, to define the research fields within the FRISSBE project and select the team of outstanding researchers in different stages of their career. An expected outcome of their research activities is increased research excellence for all of ZAG.
The job offer attracted 14 applicants, of which only a few completely fulfilled the very strict eligibility criteria. Interviews were carried out in June, and both of the top two candidates are renowned international researchers in the fire related field and excellent research group leaders.
We are pleased to announce that Grunde Jomaas accepted our offer. On October 1, he will join ZAG and the FRISSBE team as the ERA Chair holder. More information on his career development and experiences can be found here:

An important long term goal of the FRISSBE project is to establish and maintain an internationally recognised research team in the field of fire-safe sustainable built environment and to establish effective and efficient support services within ZAG with the overall aim of supporting research activities and lead ZAG towards scientific excellence in the international sphere, also after the successful completion of the FRISSBE project.