UGent FSE Introduction Workshop

Oct 3, 2022

On the 3rd of October 2022, Dr Andrea Lucherini, FRISSBE senior researcher, was invited to organize the Fire Safety Engineering Introduction Workshop at Ghent University (Belgium). The workshop involved all the first and second year students of the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE), the UGent Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (MFSE) and the UGent Postgraduate Studies in Fire Safety Engineering. Prof Bart Merci and Prof Ruben Van Coile also attended and contributed to the workshop.

Dr Lucherini first presented the FRISSBE project, stressing the importance of sustainability in the context of fire safety engineering, after which a case study was introduced for the students to discuss the fire safety strategy of a modern building and the challenges associated with that. This year the case study was the Innorenew CoE building, the biggest and tallest timber building in Slovenia, recently completed in Izola. Divided in a few groups, the students suggested various solutions for the fire safety strategy of this modern outstanding building, and the morning triggered fruitful discussions between many FSE students.