We are looking for a PhD student

Jul 13, 2022

By the end of this summer the FRISSBE project will hire another PhD student. The position offered is for full-time employment for 36 months. The expected employment date is in September 2022.


The PhD student is expected to be able to conduct experimental, theoretical and/or numerical research in a range of areas related to fire safety. Particular emphasis will be given to areas that could positively impact the evolution of fire safety engineering in Slovenia. These areas could include but are not limited to material flammability, performance of building systems, fire protection systems and the holistic assessment of infrastructure fire safety.

Applicants have to use reference ON51589 and position name »YOUNG RESEARCHER (H017002) - M/Ž« in the title of their application. Applications should be in English and sent to the e-mail address Additional information is available here: and from the FRISSBE team and the ERA Chair Holder Grunde Jomaas by email ( 

Clik HERE for the full description of the position and more information.

Application deadline: August 4th 2022

Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay