ZAG's Open doors day 2022

Oct 20, 2022

On Thursday, 20 October 2022, we had a very busy morning and afternoon! ZAG organised an Open Doors Day for the general public. The programme included guided tours of various locations inside and outside our premises and the Fire Engineering and FRISSBE teams presented our research, work and the facilities in Logatec.

The Open Doors Day at headquarters in Ljubljana took place on four times and on two thematic routes and on two times at the new fire laboratory in Logatec. In addition to a tour of the premises and the research equipment, our co-workers in Ljubljana also provided visitors with:

  •     a 3D printing demonstration,
  •     chemical experiments,
  •     a virtual walk-through of the facilities,
  •     measuring your own strength (which also became a little race),
  •     hail test on the roof ...

In Logatec we showed our visitors two different displays of fire behaviour:

  • a fire whirl and
  • a demonstration of a fire in the wild.

The event was very well attended, in total there were about 100 visitors of which more than 30 in the Logatec location. They came from different organisations and from different parts of Slovenia. As the photos tell even more, we invite you to take a look below.